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ALESTONES offer the very best in Beer and Cider from both local and nationwide producers. Always small, never huge mega-breweries and always kept in perfect condition.
You are guaranteed a friendly welcome and will return time after time.
The Ancient Order of the Frothblowers
 ALESTONES are very privileged to have been inaugurated as a VAT of YE ANCIENT ORDER OF  FROTHBLOWERS. This is a friendly society that has irregular meetings, and aims to prove that you can raise money for charity at the same time as having a beer. It was originally set up in 1924 by Bert Temple and Sir Alfred Fripp, as an anti-temperance movement, with regalia and rituals that poke a little fun at another charitable society, but without the handshake.
We will be holding meetings at ALESTONES, where new members can join (FREE), and take part in the fun. Meetings are usually started with the singing of The Anthem, (Frothblowers Anthem), Beer is purchased, (The first pint is bought and an offer of "a half for the bairns" is made, this money goes directly into the charity box) the beer is then "Golloped with Zest" (The first pint drunk in 3 gulps), whilst the meeting takes place.
Ladies are also very welcome to join, and their section is known as "The Angelic Order of Fairy Belles", and their purpose at meetings is to ensure the members are looked after, drinks recharged etc.
We will shortly be planning the inaugural meeting, so watch this space.  We may be blessed with the presence of Chief Frothblower, Mr David Woodhead, (who will no doubt have some Frothblowers Books on Sale) and some representatives of The Frothblowers Brewing Company.
Live Music

  NEW !!!!!!  We now have a GIN SHELF, with some very special Gins from around the country, served alongside Fever Tree Tonic .

Some of the beers due in shortly.

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Come into the main courtyard and go through the archway. We are directly on the left.


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